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I Like a Good Quote

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"You had the power all along, my dear." - Glinda, aka the Good Witch
46-50, F
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Feb 28, 2017
"Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain"
Pinkstarburst · 46-50, F
I would like to think I would have throat punched Glinda if she had waited until the END to tell me this!!!!
LipstickandHeels · 46-50, F
But then you would have missed the adventure!
Pinkstarburst · 46-50, F
@LipstickandHeels: An idiot scarecrow, girly-tin man, and sissy lala lion? Added to that a menopausal witch, flying monkeys and crooked political leader???? All because of a natural disaster and a pair of shoes????? .....🤔....darn if this doesn't sound like the last several months in the U.S. media!!!!!!!
MyHeartsDesire · 51-55, F
The ruby reds were nothing but a beautiful pair of slippers.
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I Like a Good Quote
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