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I Am Comfortable Nude

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From very Early of my age am comfortable in my skin , it started felt me so nice always since I was 10-11 or a little early , as the days gone it increased with time being .In my village so many times I bathed open air places like pond , natural water hole and natural water flows from hill , some time use open field for my toilet , my friends surprised over by nature but never have the dare to join me .Later after I lost my virginity at 15 , the firm house of my teacher and later in the vast ranch with my uncle became the ideal places for me to be nude alone or with them even in presence of others while except me all were clothed .After I meet my trainer at 16 his flat was always haven for me in that place I can do what ever I want naked , he always love to see me in my skin , am never felt discomfort about it , so many people noticed me that time but I never feel ashamed over my attitude and it continued some time in during training indoor and outdoor even while I was in camp .Later when I moved to city with him , it became almost regular for me even sometime in common places share with others and I became quite desperate as no one knows me there .After I sold out to Harem, I started living completely naked there and became of of the biggest attraction for the guests and for my owner .When I was freed from there almost after Two years and moved to HK , city life really thrilled me and I find few same minded people around me , I worked my normal work in our apartment completely naked all time and some time went to out side naked or semi naked but honestly not much outside location as it's illegal there , this things is still continue and may be till my life end , so many people noticed me , abused me , called me bad girl and some took the advantages of this and some really praised me in this regard but one thing I must say that "I love to be nude always and forever ".
26-30, F
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I have gone nude since I was Young, earlier than 10.. My aunt encouraged me and went nude with me.. We still do
lonelyloner · 26-30, F
You are lucky , my uncle did with me at my 15 but he always encourage me bcoz of his own interest and so was my trainer
My aunt taught me so much
lonelyloner · 26-30, F
So was my uncle and trainer
dreamnlive that dear... uff it wud b fun to live naked..and that too all d time.. mmuaah

Must be nice never need to dress. Glad you still enjoy the lifestyle.

Bare Hugs
Good for you. Skin is a lot more comfortable and better looking than any clothing.
Yes, sadly a lot of people will judge and say bad things.... Not everyone is mature enough to understand and accept nudity.

Hopefully, you can be yourself more often than not :)

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I Am Comfortable Nude
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