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Ag caint le Michéal

I have spoken about my housemates, about Michéal, before. I have mentioned how he has been paying me a little too much attention of late, very sexual in nature and drive, even pulling at my clothes in a couple of instances. Well this morning as I was doing some exercises while waiting for the washing machine to complete it's cycle he asked me if we could have a chat sometime today, and I acceded, wanting either my roomie, or the lead here, Sorcha, to witness this.

Michéal is working on his dissertation. He will be twenty two in mid May, he completes this Spring and he's leaving to go back to a certain job in his home city in the south. I have a charitable heart ❤ and I agreed to have the chat he wants. I want witnesses not because I want his words listened to just I want his behaviour seen.

He came into my room, Molly was here (she's gone shopping for us both now) and he began talking, saying:
"I am sorry for upsetting you Eve, I really don't know what to say, I thought you'd be different about me funning! I do understand you're unhappy about it, and yes you've taken it the way you have!"
Molly interjected:
"You don't see what you did from a woman's angle do you Mike? You don't see grabbing her clothes made her fear you were going to rape her!"
He looked shocked at her words, and he looked down a few moments, before continuing:
"I'm shocked and saddened at that! I'm not a rapist!... It's that I was thinking about what Molly said that you didn't have panties on under your tee shirt, and I thought you were kinda.... Well I don't know what I thought really, I just wanted to be part of the fun you were having, not to rape you!"
I looked over at Molly to see how she took it, what he'd said. She seemed to see what he was saying, but before I said anything he added:
"Your behaviour seems to be at odds with being the virgin you say you are, almost like you're playing some kind of game of something, I don't know! I got worked up about it!"
It sounded like he was trying to get out of it in some way. He was trying to assuage his guilt or something, so I said:
"How do you know every girl walking along the street or sitting in the lecture hall is wearing panties, we don't have to really? It's not something we talk about because of how men will react. If a woman is bareassed they'll think she's go through for it ready for it, needing sex. In truth it's more healthy for a woman to go without underwear! For men too! And I am a virgin and I will be until my wedding night 🌙!"
He was looking at me. I was wearing yoga pants and a bra top as I had been exercising while I waited for the washing machine. I had shown a little cameltoe because my body had been stimulated as I completed the yoga exercises earlier, and he had seen.
He said:
"Well I am sorry that I upset you so much but it wasn't really my aim in all honesty I was just having fun!"
Molly said, told him:
"You have upset all of us with how you've treated Eve!"
He countered:
"I can see that now, I'm sorry! I just didn't think about it really!"
At that he looked intently at me, at my yoga pants, and he added:
"Well I guess we can talk again later if you like, maybe with everyone here, maybe!"

He got up and went to his room.
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Dolimyte · 36-40, M
Thinking that what a woman is wearing entitles him to act like that is an aspect of toxic masculinity. It's a bad idea that has been engrained in many men these days. Don't be too hard on him if he genuinely seems remorseful and adjusts his behavior.

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