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KaysHealingPath · 31-35, F
Active shooter drills are becoming the norm in schools, but I’ve also had the conversation about what to do in public settings as well. It’s unbelievably sad
Brawny · 41-45, M
I have a feeling we'll have to wait 3 more years and 30 school shootings later to pass reform.
acpguy · C
@KaysHealingPath Lady you do not have a clue. When I grew up both parents worked due to run away inflation, taxes were about 45% or more of your income
Brawny · 41-45, M
@acpguy I bet all the kids were running around with AR-15s too, shooting them responsibly.
acpguy · C
@Brawny Brawny we used to be able to by M-1 carbines through mail order when I was 16 for $45 to $60. That is the counter part to today's AR except it was much lighter in weight, shorter so it was an ideal gun for someone wanting to sneak into schools. Today's AR-15 a lot more (cheapest might be $400). I could rake leaves or shovel snow for a week and have enough money to by an M-1 carbine.

By the way I see you are a typical perverted liberal looking at your posts:
"What’s your favorite way to be seduced?"
"Do you prefer sex at night, in the morning, mid-afternoon, or NOW?"
"When was the last time you examined your bewbs in the shower?"

Why is it most of the liberals you see on here are the ones that send ladies pictures of their privates and post weird sex stuff like yourself? You should be marked at a potential sex offender most likely groping children.
acpguy · C
That is a great one. I learned when I was 8 and taught my kids (5 boys and 1 girl) the same at the same age. They all learned to shoot well, we hunted and fished together. Now all are grown 4 boys have their own business, one is a PA and the girl is working, running marathons and married to a Navy Seal.
bowman81 · M
Depends on what state you live in about buying beer....but at 18 they can vote, enter into financial contracts and serve time in prison for misdeeds. They can serve in the military at 17. 18 year olds should be fully functional adults. Of course they should be taught firearms safety before then.

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