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I Am a Hopeless Romantic

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Uh oh.......................
31-35, F
19 replies
Mar 28, 2017
SW User
The 'oh shit' seals it for me
Makemeluvit · 31-35, F
Pretty much...
ReaperofTime · 41-45, M
Thats between you and him
Makemeluvit · 31-35, F
and yet you're on my post not the other way around 🤔
ReaperofTime · 41-45, M
@Makemeluvit: adios. Blocked
Makemeluvit · 31-35, F
Thanks 🤗
SW User
Makemeluvit · 31-35, F
Is it bad that it's my first instinct?
SW User
@Makemeluvit: Not at all.
Mugin16 · 41-45, M
Good luck! I hope you will be happy.
JDawg · 36-40, M
I'm jealous of him
Complexconfessions · 36-40, M
He's a lucky fucking guy to say the least
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I Am a Hopeless Romantic
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