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Is this bad, weird or what? I trust strangers and random people online/offline more than I should, and what can I do about this?

All my life growing up, I’ve been more into strangers.
I resepected my parents and other family members, my realtives and my friends, but I also liked strangers.
I mean good friendly strangers not psychos.

Honestly, I was a rebellious kid growing up, getting in trouble at school at lot and in public, but that was only for attention for stranger’s approval even though I’ve been told that I shouldn’t worry what others think nor compare myself to others nor try to gain strangers’ approval nor talk to strangers I didn’t even know because they can be potentially dangerous.

At around age 7, I voluntarily threw myself on the ground in public stores and was delighted that some people turned around and looked at me in the line we were paying in.

At ages 8-11, I developed crushes at my school. I fell in love with boys I didn’t even know in my grade and age there. I became highly obsessed with them and stalked them to the point they were uncomfortable and went to other schools.
The other grade levels, I cried when a classmate was leaving to another school, and I didn’t even hang out with her or talk to her, and she didn’t know me well, but I acted strangely in front of her own parents and hung onto her leg dragging me and her when she was trying to walk out.
I talked a lot during gym and got in trouble for talking and didn’t understand why, really.

I only wanted to talk and do something different than everyone else at school and do my own thing than pay attention. I didn’t have many friends. People went to a slumber party (bunch of girls invited each other) but I got upset and threw a large rock I found outside during recess and aimed at the host’s head. Then she got a bruise and bled a little then I got in trouble and sat out at recess while other girls protected me from the teachers because they knew I was going to get in trouble. I lied and made up stories. I made up fictional stories all the time. I liked making up stories then sharing them with others even though they didn’t make sense and were all over the place; it was writing and making them up was fun for me.

I’m now 18 turning 19 in a few months and all this has stopped and put to an end all that. I still trust strangers and first you would ask “why” “why you help me and choose me” if someone helped you. Yeah, you’re supposed to thank them and show gratitude but there is something missing.
Help me understand this weird phenomenon. Thank you! (in advance)
SydneyGuy · 61-69, M
Well if you’re talking to a stranger online you can ask some questions and get advice but be careful about sharing your real identity and personal details like where you live. I talk to many people I’ve met online and we develop a good level of trust and understanding even though we are never going to meet in real life

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