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I Hate Drunk Drivers

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when i was about 3 years old my dad drunk drived when i was in the front seat with out the proper car seat needed and he ended up crashing into a small wall and hurting me badly. he then chose to leave me in the car as he was afraid of getting arrested for it. luckly some locals who saw the crash phoned an ambulance for me and talked me while we waited to keep me calm.

he was arrested the next day as he left his wallet and the drink he was drinking in the car. my i think my mum would have hurt him if she saw him turn up to the hospital. i was left with some spine damage that still affects me but i can still walk and play around.
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Oct 29, 2018
Daisy5046-50, F
So terrible馃
ozgirl51222-25, F
That is starting off behind the 8 ball in life ... Hopefully you can move past it and live the life you want to
updown202056-60, M
Wow that's terrible left you there to suffer and what did he think the police would think you drove the car yourself at 3? O guess he's in jail?
[@117301,updown2020] hes out of jail now i think
highlander61-69, M
Oh you poor soul.
1957Mike61-69, M
I'm sorry that happened to you :-( I hope you continue to get better!
CallMeTex41-45, M
I hate drunk drivers too!
Oh my goodness, that's terrible! I'm son sorry!!
Londonorbitalman56-60, M
How awful
SW User
That is a very sad story. Don't know how could your Dad just leave you in the car like that :-(

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I Hate Drunk Drivers
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