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I Hate Being Lied to

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I seriously cannot stand the statement “I hate liars or being lied to.” Well no shit. It really goes with out saying or at least I wish it did. We don’t feel the need to regularly profess “I don’t like being stabbed or I hate ax murders,” The same goes for thieves, fake people, cheaters and mean people. By definition you don’t like those people. Maybe some actually prefer a lie over a truth that will hurt them but not many or at least not many admit that. Thats my rant.
41-45, M
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Dec 1, 2016
greenmountaingal · 70-79, F
I feel the same about the group here entitled I Can't Stand Child Abuse. As if anyone can. Or would admit it if they did!
DirtyRead2u · 41-45, M
That made me laugh. A dont like people that say "i like jazz...good jazz" i get it you went to collage. The kind that has buildings good for you. I lkie jazz but i dont feel it is a measure of intelligence. Oh but you only like[i]good jazz[/i] thanks moron. Thats the type of guy that gets out of the shower to piss. Makes a point to tell people serving him that he doesnt believe in tipping and is a proud member of the I drive the speed limit in the fast lane
kirsty666 · 18-21, F
Same. It's insulting because they actually think I'm gullible enough to believe them.
LiMustache · 31-35

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I Hate Being Lied to
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