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Doing Good

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Where is everyone?
20 replies
Sep 21, 2017
MsGemini · F
I made them disappear. Abracadabra
TearDropsOfLove · 51-55
[@1075,MsGemini] So it was you!! why did you did that?
MsGemini · F
[@454017,TearDropsOfLove] I'm a selfish bitch
TearDropsOfLove · 51-55
[@1075,MsGemini] It is ok, you can be selfish.
I'm here ✋
I take a look each few hours
TearDropsOfLove · 51-55
[@236612,UnderstandingNotJudging] Someone is on here. I thought the site was dead.
Gamma87 · 51-55, M
Hell if I know but I'm here!
Gamma87 · 51-55, M
[@454017,TearDropsOfLove] Work been here almost six months!
TearDropsOfLove · 51-55
[@384996,Gamma87] Enjoy your time there. Goodnight.
Gamma87 · 51-55, M
[@454017,TearDropsOfLove] Nite
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Doing Good
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