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Old Age Brain

I just re-joined SW yesterday and don't have this site favorite-placed yet. When I went to log in just now, I did a search for the site and caught myself typing in the search bar ... [b]'Sinful Minds'[/b] instead of 'Similar Worlds'. 馃槀

Talk about the power of the subconscious! Don't worry; this isn't one of those jugmental posts -- I count myself among the sinners.
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Picklebobble256-60, M
Welcome home 馃榿
I always thought SW stood for Sexual Weirdness, does it not? 馃
[@605647,DarkHeaven] I hope not, because if it does, I'm probably in the wrong place! 馃樁
[@1212591,HauntedWitch] Meh. There鈥檚 some good folks too, but a lot of weirdness going on. lol
[@605647,DarkHeaven] gosh no
My eyes have this funny trick they play, where I can look at a post or a sign on the road too quickly, and my brain reads it incorrectly...it usually says something quite normal, like "Warning, Limbs May Fall",

but what I see is "Warning, Lambs May Fall"

Would you prefer to laugh with them than cry with the saints?
bobhall586856-60, M
Welcome to the club!
It should鈥檝e come right up. 馃き
Welcome back!
It would be perfect being named 'Sinful Minds'. 馃槄
What are you waiting for 馃き[@362624,Gwyneira]
I鈥檝e always wondered just what worlds is it similar to ? 馃し鈥嶁檪锔
Virgo7956-60, M
What came up?馃き
[@349935,Virgo79] I caught myself in time before I hit 'go' -- so we will never know what might have been!
Sinful Minds indeed
I have done things like that also, I don't think it is old age brain just too many things going on in it.馃槀
welcome back returning member
naw, didn't work on me either
Welcome to fantasy land. 馃槈
Everyone's a sinner, baby
And so are you
We don't really need a reason
For the things we do
i feel your enthusiasm are you swinging a clawhammer at me yet? its not a complaint its more like a preview of a coming attraction no wait theres more than one....that is subliminal..ok im ready gimme your best witch-out no i can handle it...this is my charm its your lucky day it could go on forever..that my goal ok READY ....GO
[@1203408,DRDEATH] You know, that really gets me steamed. Some kind person on SW gifted me a crystal ball the day I joined. I trusted it. I really did and yet I did not foresee your arrival.

Now, I've gotta throw that thing away and go back to the Spell books. It must be a Walmart, or worse yet, Dollar General rip off of a proper Saks crystal ball. (walks away muttering)
[@1212591,HauntedWitch] you know there is a band called cheap trick one of their songs is called surrender it starts off mama told me yes she told me id meet girls like you...that just may be the worst line ive ever used...your welcome in advance have i told you i am an advocate for sinning its true ive already been reported today now i need to go fetch some coffee...im going soon if your gonna say something say it soon im unsure when ill be back...its been a month since i have darkened the door here..im thinking a haunted witch could use my services wait for it......
This message was deleted by its author.
Reflection236-40, M
U r in a perfect place
I don't count you among the "sinners." I don't believe in sin.
[@176592,PhoenixPhail] I don't know that I believe in that concept either!

Saying I count myself among the 'sinners' is my way of saying I don't consider myself above anyone. I am far from perfect.
[@1212591,HauntedWitch] I think we're ALL far from perfect, especially those who think they are. 馃榿

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