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I am a New Member at Similar Worlds
Well, what can I say? I been off forums since Experience project closed down for good. Here I am again. My old mates were/ are Fudiculous/ olivesphere, feetalldayandallnight (will be a miracle if he shows up again), Illiterateroll, LexK, Puck61 and Paschar. There was another Yankee cool guy who had the number 68 after his name.
Morganmoon · F
I missed out; just caught the end of a thread. It was very interesting; and hoping that conversation will be continued, so I can talk, oo.
swirlie · 31-35, F
Don't hold your breath waiting for a resurgence of EP on this site! The format here is very different. It is not one which promotes or enables social interaction like EP did. You will soon find out that SW missed the mark entirely as a so-called "replacement" for EP. This is a very basic website as far as web design is concerned, as evidenced by the 'rolling' format of the endless posts which appear out of nowhere, yet disappear quickly from view as a new string of posts roll in to replace today's efforts. I question the relevance of this site in all honesty.

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I am a New Member at Similar Worlds
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