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Can anyone share how to post a gif on SW? Is there a particular format that needs to be typed in?
56-60, M
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Mar 15, 2019
Allwaysthink · 31-35, F
I guess you just add it but I do mines the long way

hlpflwthat · M
I know with, I can just hit the link icon and then paste it in the url box here - that url box can be selected after clicking the Photo Icon far left top of the comment box.

I have tried other gifs that do [b][i]not[/i][/b] work by simply copying link & pasting. Once upon a time I'd figured out what the difference was - I think it was parentheses or something 'extra' at the other links. Rare times I use gifs I just use giphy today. But I bet if I figured it out once, you can too.
NoxDivina · 36-40, M
Under insert image just enter the link in the "enter url" section. I believe the link's extension has to be .gif for it to work.

Sicarium · 41-45, M
Copy the URL of the GIF you want from whatever website. In the toolbar above your type box, select Insert Image. In the popup, select URL/LINK. Paste the copied URL.

If that URL doesn't end in '.gif', it probably won't work. You also need just the GIF's URL, not the page's URL. Some sites give you a button or something to copy a shareable link. For other sites, you'll have to open the image in a new tab. How will vary based on your browser.
xixgun · M
I'm sure there are easier ways, but, I open a new tab. Do a google search for what I'm looking for (this next part applies to doing it on a real computer, not a phone), when image is found, right click "save image address", then come back here and click on the photo icon (little mountain scene next to smiley face) and click the post url link. a little window will pop up, command + v will paste the link you copied. Hit enter, et voila.
xixgun · M
[@897284,FigNewton] Just don't get to this point -
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Can anyone share how to post a gif on SW? Is ther... | I am a New Member at Similar Worlds | Similar Worlds