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Hey everyone! I was redisthebest on EP, and now I'm back ;) I'll repost my stories soon ;) Glad to have a replacement so soon!
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Apr 28, 2016
ozzydevil · M
It's taking shape nicely, starting to feel like home :-)
Haniazed · 51-55, M
Hey you!!! Did you export all the stories? Too bad you can't post pics yet! LOL! Glad you're here!
innocentfool · 46-50, M
are you ready for that dare I have planned for you?
@innocentfun4u - OK! Nervous but excited!
innocentfool · 46-50, M
this will take an hour, you will need to go to a mall, or some public space with stairs, and it will work best if you have a smart phone so I can direct you by yahoo chat.
innocentfool · 46-50, M
you can reach me at deadpoolreject at
@innocentfun4u I kind of chickened out, also I was at work at the time and couldn't really leave for an hour. But I'm curious about what you would have made me do ;)
innocentfool · 46-50, M
wear a regular skirt and blouse, go to a mall, or public place, sit at the top of the stairs, and spread your knees slightly while pretending to look at your phone, just enough to attract attention, not enough to be obvious. watch the expressions on mens faces as they come up the stairs. see who responds. how far do you have to spread your knees to get a response. what is great about this is you get to choose who you reveal yourself to and how much. you can go one step further and go commando. I also have one more trick you can pull that is even more daring.
oh that is daring ;) especially without panties ;) I want to, but a little scared about it ;)
innocentfool · 46-50, M
why? have you ever done anything like it?
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I am a New Member at Similar Worlds
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Hey everyone! I was redisthebest on EP, and now I... | I am a New Member at Similar Worlds | Similar Worlds