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I Have a Broken Heart

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Because being IN LOVE with you is not good for me.
And being AROUND you perpetuates that love.
And being away from you compounds the PAIN
to the point where I can't even BREATH
and my head hurts from crying
but I can't close my eyes
because I slip into memories of YOU.
And while I'm in agony over the loss of what I THOUGHT was an amazing relationship,
you merely feel SORRY about my sadness.
But for me it is more than sadness because it is LOSS. It is grief that overwhelms me,
especially when I'm ALONE
and no one is here to hold me.
And when I realize that, I become NUMB.
26-30, F
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Apr 15, 2019
PeachesGR · 56-60, F
I am so sorry that-- you're in so much pain. You sound just like me...a few years ago. It hurts like hell, & they just don't get it!
*hugs *hugs *hugs
EveReverie · 26-30, F
[@894913,PeachesGR] Thank you 💙 it has been a month or so since I wrote this and while the pain isn't as fresh, sometimes it creeps up on me and is just as merciless as it was in the beginning. I'm doing my best to more forward and find happiness, rather than dwelling on the pain.
PeachesGR · 56-60, F
[@924981,EveReverie] If you're already seeing a little improvement, that's great!
stronginside · 26-30, M
Same here , but the only difference is i was the guy you talk about in my relationship. Sometimes things just dont work out , i was "sorry" too but gave her time for closure and process it. I was hurt too, a guy simply doesnt turn off without a reason. But sometimes women dont want to understand , so we just walk away and lock out everything else.

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I Have a Broken Heart
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