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Is glasstop stove better, or wire top?
I wanted to invest in a new stove but with the wire top ones when something boils over it smells and its tiring to clean, with the glass top one the boiled liquid can not go inside. I've never had a glass top one before, I remember growing up we had the gas stove and ever since moving out I've always had wired top stove.
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May 23, 2020
MethDozer · M
A little bit but still sucks compared to gas.
[@521796,MethDozer] I know, but has is very expensive. Also I notice some how food Cooked with the gas stove has a better taste. Am I right?
Leggs · 41-45, T
With the wire top ones, you can easily remove the burners to clean things. The only drawback is those drip pans can clean up only so much and have to be replaced sometimes. Well you don't HAVE to but they get pretty gross.
[@1073121,Leggs] yeah it does get gross that's why I'm replacing mine
MrDiegoWolfe · 31-35, M
glass top is nice, but it scratches too easily... i suggest an induction instead... that way you can cook with a towel under the pot.
[@1009693,MrDiegoWolfe] I've never heard of induction before!
MrDiegoWolfe · 31-35, M
[@30751,RadiantRuby] its fairly new... it uses magnets to heat only the pot not the cook surfcae....
fanuc2013 · 46-50, F
I like mine really well! You just have to be careful sliding pans on it so you don't scratch it. If course, no cast iron!
[@6997,fanuc2013] I'm super excited, I think I will buy the glasstop 😊
fanuc2013 · 46-50, F
[@30751,RadiantRuby] I think you will be happy with it, I have had mine quite a few years, and haven't had any trouble

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