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I Hate Mass Shootings

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I have watched horrors films that don't even faze me apart from one and that would be Stephan king's movie IT the original but today my brother had downloaded the live stream and I said to him. Why, why would you download something so dark yet I watched it because part of me is curious which made me watch it. What was chilling, was the music being played as I would say hyping him up to do what had led me to the point where it made me psychical ill. How could someone do such a terrible no ..horrifying evil? even now I still feel the dread still shaking me to the core.
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Mar 16, 2019
Anonymartyr · 51-55, M
We never hear the story behind the shooters nor the terrible things society did to them. There are always reasons for things happening. As long as society is so totally selfish, there will always be violent tragedies. I won't take sides since there is no good side to choose.
Deadcutie · F
Horror movies are fake, you know this.. real death on the other hand is surereal.. they arnt gonna get back up..
I don’t think I could watch it live, but since they are already dead, and nothing I can do about it, I have no problems watching their deaths....
Deadcutie · F
[@7393,masterofyou] it’s a sad day when a stupid shit interjects a unwanted unrelated view onto someone
I'd would appreciate it if you two just put a end to this. I know I can just disabled the notification but this is a feature post of an important sad event that has gone by. Fighting like children is irreverently so pack it in. Please.
Deadcutie · F
[@905231,Bowsette] don’t include me in on this, he’s the one that interjected some crap that has nothing to do with my response to this topic.. your free to delete his asinine comments
Montanaman · 56-60, M
#Home Room😔
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I Hate Mass Shootings
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