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I Believe In True Love

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I believe true love comes in many forms

The true love of a friends who sticks up for you when others try to degrade you, the true love of a parent who refuses to give up on their child no matter the difficulties, the true love of a pet who can tell you’re feeling down and sits next to so you that you won’t feel so alone. We all strive to obtain that romantic love, that one personal connection that will (so we think) save our soul. That love is undoubtedly important, overwhelming and fulfilling. It might be even the largest true love there is. But I think that we still have to keep in mind that the love we have, share and take in does not begin or end with our past/present/ possible future partners.

It’s in a strangers smile, in the pleasure of helping someone, in the innocence of the young and the wisdom of the old. It’s an intricate part of the chaotic beauty of nature and the vastness of the universe.

It’s even in the story, in the shape of a positive message to anyone who might stumble across it.
36-40, M
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Apr 10, 2015
And let us not forget lust. Often the most fleeting, but by far the most powerful.
According to your analogy, I've been in a perpetual sneeze for some time now..
EuphoricTurtle · 36-40, M
You make it sound like a bad thing ;)
I rather like sneezing, with you.

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I Believe In True Love
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