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What's the strangest paraphilia you've ever heard of?
That of body fluids and/or gore. Just... ewwww :x
22-25, M
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Apr 15, 2015
I've heard of people liking to be vomited on... I think that's worse than gore or even period stuff.
I knew it was body fluids, I didn't know they were all grouped into the same paraphilia.
In that case,I think the whole paraphilia where you're an adult baby that likes their diaper changed, bottle fed, and what not is really bizarre.
Or Vorarephilia where the thought of someone literally eating you is arousing...
People are too weird. =/
TetrisGuy · 22-25, M
I know too many people into vore to think it's interesting. The people don't literally want to be eaten. It's kind of like how I'm into a specific form of vore I call "technovore." I fantasize occasionally about eating tech, but obviously I wouldn't actually do that.

But adult babies are just downright creepy. I feel as though it's too akin to pedophilia :x
Wikipedia states otherwise:
I agree about the adult babies being creepy. I wonder if it's more the thought of someone taking care of you like a baby that they find arousing. It's creepy regardless...
That's really gross. Weightloss tip: read this every time you're hungry.
TetrisGuy · 22-25, M
Weight loss tip: look up fat fetish BDSM feederism. ugh x.x
Paraphilic infantalism is pretty strange

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