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There are two types of nerds...

... the ones that complete "may the force be" with "with you," and those that complete it with "equal to mass times acceleration!" May the force be equal to the derivative of momentum! Academic nerds vs. fandom nerds: who is nerdier overall?
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didn't you just descibe the difference between nerds and geeks?
I saw that on Memedroid today xD
That's not being nerdy, that's being silly. If someone did that with me, he'd be pretty severely judged.
Geek - A nerd specializing in technology and science. ie Geek Squad
Nerd - A person who is extremely into something. ie "That guy was talking about firefly for an hour, what a nerd."
Right, that's why best buy has Geek Squad specializing in omputer repair.
TetrisGuy · 22-25, M
Nope. Geeks aren't academic. They might like science, but they aren't academic, and aren't specifically into science. Geeks are fandom nerds, and are more into sci-fi than actual science, typically. Academic nerds (preppies and/or dweebs) are the people into actual science and their studies.
Dude, geek means Expert basically, nerd these days is meaningless. And besides even in the Revenge of the nerds only half of them were actual computer nerds, the rest were geeks.
Well, considering the fact that F = d(mv)/(dt), and taking mass as a constant, we can correctly say F = ma. Also since mass is constant, we can rewrite the original equation as F = mdv/(dt), and from there, we can write Fdt = mdv. Now, let's allow the time interval to be anything; it needn't be infinitesimally small. Therefore, F⌂T = m⌂v. Now we have the equation that relates impulse to momentum, which leads me to a nice segue.

Academic nerds are nerdier because we act based on logic and not our impulses (which are equal to our momenta). In other words, we are far less likely to drink and derive.

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