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Learning Russian, and one of my Russian friends tells me to look at Russian cursive. Googles it... #nope

If English cursive screwed me up enough in reading and writing it, Russian cursive... oh gawd. Googling "Russian Cursive" brings up countless images of why it makes people cry. Jeebus wtf o.o
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TetrisGuy · 22-25, M
Just... just Google it. It's a linguistic 100% essence of nope.
TetrisGuy · 22-25, M
It's just the fact that the cursive for some letters make some words look like scribbles used in TV shows to denote text.
Hahahaha, true! In Montenegrin, the word 'šišmiš' looks so.
TetrisGuy · 22-25, M
Printing them seems very easy to me, actually. They told me English cursive would be easy. That it'd help me write faster. That I'd use it in my life. You know what? It was horribly difficult. I'm very slow at it. And the only time I needed to use it is when I signed things. x.x
yeah. a lot of people feel that way. I write in a mix of print and cursive

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