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Facebook using ur profile information do u care? Honestly i dont have to anything to worry its what i wanted to share

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I don't do FB anymore.
Kudos on quitting =3
Oh please, like facefuck is the first entity or whatever to use me.

Like it matters.
With your (full) birthday alone one could figure out your SS number, but "like it matters" =P
That's why I'll never use it, never have, never will.
Protip: Make an account with your full name, and then one with a nickname. Use the one with your nickname for friends/family, use the one with your full name for bait (good for prospective employers)- For this one don't put any information that an employer isn't allowed to ask you at an interview. Also a tip for social networking in general: Don't put your full birthday down. It's relatively easy for someone who's experienced enough to figure out your SS number. If you don't know what this is, then just know it's important.
~Also: No, I don't have a reason to use Facebook~

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