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Who wears coveralls or snowsuit?

Anyone want to talk about experiences (past or recent) being in snowduits or coveralls in winter?
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I would like some.
coverallfan · 46-50, M
You should get some!
I wear snow suits during the cold winter months and really love them. I'll wear my soft blue or light green long sleeve leotard and tights under the snowsuit. One of my winter experiences was going to the doctor's for a major physical during the wintertime, wearing a gray colored, warm and snug snow suit with blue leotard and tights underneath. I was n't ready to give up my snowsuit yet, when called into the examination room by the nurse, telling me all my snug winter attire has to come off, before starting my physical. The doctor liked how cute I looked in the warm gray snowsuit. She told the nurse to let her know when I'm ready and she with the nurse will do the physical exam. The nurse said she will help me out of my snowsuit and whatever, I'm wearing underneath. I was very sexually turned now as she gently opened the snow suit side snaps, slowly unzipping the long front zipper, that ran all the way down to my crotch. I felt like a little boy. loosing his favorite winter outfit, as she continued opening the long front zipper all the way down between my legs and showing my blue leotards underneath. Now she opened the leg side zippers, while reminding me, I had to bear it all for my physical. I did n't want to give up my snug and warm snowsuit. The nurse soon had the snowsuit all unbuttoned, unzipped and ready to come off. I made a few childish pleas not to take it off, but to no avail, as she firmly got my snow suit unsnugged, despite my playful resisting. I looked up at the privacy curtain, seeing the awful hospital gown hanging up by the curtain, now realizing she will have the snug snowsuit down and off with my blue leotard and tights and in only the white gown. She seemed to be enjoying getting me undressed and my childish resisting. The feeling of the warm snug polyester snowsuit coming off, tickled so much despite squeezing my still leotard clad legs, as the nurse got my snowsuit down and began shaking my legs and feet, finally freeing them from the warm snug snowsuit. The lady doctor, then came back into the examination room, to see how if I was ready, seeing the nurse shaking my legs out of them, as I continued childish pouting, trying to keep the snowsuit from coming off. Soon, both her and the doctor got my leotard and tights off and finally I was naked for them. I loved wearing my warm and snug snowsuit with leotards, yet enjoyed having them taken off me, starting my medical plight. After my physical examination, I was handed a baggy pair of wool trousers with boxers by my nanny, as she took my favorite snow suit, folding it with the blue leotard and tights, putting them in a large carry on bag to take home. That was my snowsuit story and very sexy experience.

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