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So if there is 2.2 square acres for every living person on the Earth, how are we overpopulated?
BTW: Dessert and mountainous terrain have been removed from the equation.Note: My first question stated 2.2 miles per person, I should have wrote 2.2 "acres" per person.
41-45, M
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Oct 20, 2014
Because we're not. People are dumb.
People don't get to live on dark forests, mountains and places with extreme conditions, there are geographical barriers that's why.
due to concentration at one place due to presence of comforts
Due to our obsessive need to abuse every resource around us...
calicuz · 41-45, M
You are right, but THAT is changing though, and I think the question is..... are we at the point of no return?
No, Mother Earth will shake us off like fleas to get back into balance...I don't mean all of humanity, just increased super storms, earthquakes and flooding...
calicuz · 41-45, M
You are right again. Even when a species is lost, the entire ecosystem doesn't collapse it.
I think the rate at which the population is increasing is the main problem. If we stopped fighting each other and used all of our ingenuity to adapt to high density living, then I`m sure that we could manage it, give or take a few psychiatric problems. Trouble is, I don`t think we`ve got time.
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