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Who is a divisive demagogue like Obama to call others "less-than-loving"? Is Jeremiah Wright his idea of "loving"?

Who does Obama love besides left-wing Democrats and Muslims? He sure didn't love that Marine he let rot in jail unjustly in Mexico last year without lifting a finger! How can somebody who sat 20 years in the church of the worst clerical hatemonger in America, Jeremiah Wright, lecture anybody on being allegedly "less-than-loving"? The people he meant to reproach are undoubtedly finer specimens of humanity than that vain, stubborn, narcissist in the White House with his lawless ways and his "my way or the highway" mindset.
Obama is more American than you are.
sorry I thought you were sticking up for him
Being American really isn't about blood. It's about a state of mind and a commitment to an ideal.
There are a lot of things that are "very American"... like a cheeseburger... and a power-hungry politician. I didn't say it was the only thing America had to offer.
I take it you're not fond of the prez?
not really
To be honest, most politicians go to church for show and nothing more. They're too with themselves to bother with theology.
sounds like some of the other comments are either from the very naive or very brain washed. I agree with you on Obama. I don't understand how he got in the office in the first place and think the.second election was fixed. I do not think he cares about America in the least. at first I thought he was the anti Christ now I think he's the false prophet the bible speaks of making way for the anti Christ by the way he seems to kow tow with mid eastern nations. I also heard of him referred to as the new messiah.
How did he get in? The news media protected him from scrutiny because they saw him as a liberal messiah. They had spent days mourning John F. Kennedy, Jr. as a lost liberal messiah even though he was nothing but a handsome magazine editor with a snotty blonde wife.
your honesty is so refreshing. that's on of the biggest problems with America it's became to politically correct and afraid someone might get hurt over it. also Americans tend to see what's on the outside not on the inside. people loved JFK Jr because he was JFK's son.
We all know that our president is a narcissist. As such, he has a totally unrealistic and inaccurate image of himself, his importance, and his infallibility.
Obama is playing the game. He is a Satanist. Everything about his personal life is unholy. My heart truly goes out to Americans who have to be under his leadership. His campaign was a mass deception.
Obama is more offended by Christians not participating in a gay wedding than he is offended by Muslims hurling homosexuals off rooftops.
What do you think of Joan Rivers' famous comment shortly before her death, about Obama being gay and Michelle being a tran?
That's amusing. I didn't hear it. I wish that the rumors of Obama's sexuality were untrue, because the thought of having such a man as our President is sickening. But I suspect they are true.
As our leaders in South Africa must know, you don't need to fool everyone, just the ignorant majority.
Obama is a liar. I don't know what else can be said about this. Granted, I don't think that anyone (regardless of what political party they claim) makes it to be the [figure]head of this country by being an honest, trustworthy human being -- period. In my opinion though, yes, the average contributing American citizen is easily a better specimen of humanity than Obama, though he and his ilk are working tirelessly at dragging the rest of the country down to his level as quickly as possible.
Indeed, he's a liar. I think this whole Christian schtick he put on to win votes in 2008 will be seen more clearly. Since then the only "Christian" stuff he's done is his self-serving participation in "prayer breakfasts". I think after he leaves office he may formally revert to Islam but he will never darken the door of a church again, unless maybe a fire-breathing leftist church like he had in Chicago.

I think there are some Christian men of integrity in politics. I feel Ted Cruz is in that category, and most certainly the recently retired Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma.

I also think George W. Bush was a pretty honest guy. But he was not somebody who was discipled as an evangelical Christian, and he did not have the deep reverence for the Bible a disciple should have, as evidenced by his softness on homosexuality. I have many problems with him, particularly his unwillingness to stand up to the Left verbally (including having weak press secretaries), his amnesty for illegals agenda, and his letting terrorists run wild in Iraq from 2003 to the end of 2006 before finally deciding to fight them. But his integrity or that of his father I don't really question.

There is no question that the Clintons and Obama have been corrupting influences on their party, which used to have honest souls within it, and undoubtedly on the nation. Obama is undermining political civility, Christian morality, religious freedom, the rule of law, and the work ethic. Not to mention our fiscal foundations.
Oh, I have many more problems with the Bush's (W included) than only that. How much have you researched them? The family is up to its eyeballs in criminal activity, going back to Prescott Bush and both Sr. and Jr. Bush's were members of Skull & Bones, which is an absolutely vile secret society. There is no way that a person could be a "real" Christian and in that group at the same time. Bush Jr. also started the horrible trend of abusing executive orders which was only taken even further by our current President. In a nutshell, I don't think any of them are Christians in any way that involves an actual conversion as evidenced by their "fruit".
(In point of fact, I have come to believe that they are all working towards the same wicked ends. They claim to be affiliated with this party or that in order to perpetuate the constant division and confusion among the American public, because this keeps us too busy fighting against one another to realize that we are being sold out equally by both sides.)

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