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Add a dash of Empire. Well, the issue(s) no doubt will be her continuing the "wrath on the country" and "continuing the downwardly spiraling legacy" of her Anti Christ predecessor PBO of course - don't you EPers have any imagination....Jeez!!! Oh and don't forget the secret server incident, "Ben..jeeze," don't forget Monica Lewinsky will somehow have another outfit with DNA on it deeply frozen in her home ice box - this time from Hillary herself- as a "just in case she ever decided to run for president" insurance policy and a borage of why Hillary really didn't want to stay home and bake cookies questions during Bill's reign., , oops almost forgot how she was the absolute worst at foreign affairs in the history of EVER.
Republicans will use all of the above to attack her and then some.....Some of what they say might even be true !!!....
damn straight ;)
She's in with a good shout at winning. She's known throughout the world. Many a world leader has met her already, she doesn't like isolationist politics which the republicans do! The only area of foreign policy that she might have trouble with, is, ironically, the middle east. Because the middle east in general is anti women. whichever side you are! Jewish or Islamic!
But that in itself might work out to the benefit of the west!
Why? Because for the first time EVER America MIGHT be seen as a relatively neutral player!
Not ridiculously anti Islam or pro-Judaism as has been the case for the last sixty years!
I should think the republicans have their work cut out!
The world knows her but not everyone it the world likes her. Source: My own travel experience around Asia.
everything will be talked about,, political views. her political policies. she is already being called the next Obama, so that is saying that she is a puppet. everything is going to be the main issue with her. everything.
Her being a deceitful, arrogant, self-serving, ''entitled'' bitch will be the issue. She isnt even elected and already has several scandals ongoing.
Dunno, don't care.

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