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Help. My boyfriend wants to "share" me with another man... What should I do?

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What YOU want to do.
Please move on.
Run far far away and don't look back. Sounds like a perv to me.
Tell him how you feel and stick with it.
Omg! Tell him to take a hike. I would totally kick his weineyass!
Get a new boyfriend.
That sounds really odd.

Stand your ground on this issue with him, and if he does not comply, break up with him.
o-o No means no.
At your age I would say no, there are too many emotional things that come along with it. Not to mention security, 2 guys and just you, think about it.

I have been with my wife for 4 years, we swing but not often. There is a huge amount of trust with something like this.

If you do decide to do it, here is my suggestion.
You pick the guy
You pick the time
You pick the place

Your boyfriend is to approve of the guy.
The 3 of you sit down at the coffee shop, in a quiet corner and you explain exactly how things are going to go down, and stick to your plan the first few times.
Set your rules in stone! no anal, no kissing, no whatever your rules are. If you say no at any time, all parties must stop what they are doing, no matter how far you have gone.
Figure out the issues and move forward.

Dont forget there will be drama, oh yes there will be. The jealousy monster is a green eyed one horned beast, and he will rear his ugly mug, you can count on it.
Like I said, there is a lot of emotional stuff here, and I dont think your mature enough to handle it. No offense meant at all. Just speaking my mind.
Good luck!
Each to their own, each to their own.
What the others have written. Get the hell away from him.
Just say no, unless you want to do it.
First of all, it's your body: not his. So he doesn't get to "share you." Frankly, you are sharing yourself with him.

Beyond that, it's then all about getting what you want out of life. It's totally okay for him to say he'd like to see you with someone else, but it's up to you to say if you want to. If it's really important to him, then you'll have to pick between him and what you want.

On the other hand, don't underestimate the power of fantasy. In other words, just because he'd like to see you with someone else, doesn't mean you couldn't do it through roll play or fantasy without actually getting someone else involved. Maybe do it over the phone, where you pretend to be with someone else, but you aren't.

I've found that a lot of my fantasies don't last that long. I'm into a particular kink for awhile then move on. It's been so much better to just role play or do it in my imagination without bringing in the complexity of another HUMAN. Because, in the end, these are humans interacting: not actors.
If there is nothing pleasant or exiting, do not do it, it is not negotiable. Plus you are really young....
Suck 1 and 1 in your wet pussy
easy answer tell him to go run a razor over his neck
You 'should know', that sh!t like that is never 'up to your bf', or, his decision**. it is ALWAYS your decision.
And by your Q, we know your decision. So trust yourself.
** who cares what HE wants......??
A lot of closed minded people and answers in here. Many Americans are so strange when it comes to open relationships and polyamory.

He is probably turned on by the thought of watching another man pleasure you and then taking over. If the idea of two men at the same time turns you on then have a serious discussion with him about rules and boundaries and try it out just as a fantasy first before doing anything for real. It may be that just the fantasy is enough for him and that is where you should both leave it. If both people in a couple are turned on by this sort of idea it can be the most amazing thing you ever do. But be very careful about progressing to anything for real if the fantasy doesn't turn you on first. You need to ease into these sorts of things.

The bottom line is there is a reason humans - especially men - are turned on by the imagery of hot people having sex. It's a natural mechanism to drive us to procreate with lots of partners and find the "best sperm or egg" to reproduce with. The way humans are wired sexually isn't always compatible with how we feel emotionally, so this can be confusing. You can certainly be in love with one man or woman but be attracted to one or several others. What is "right" or "wrong" within your relationship is a balance of what you both want and need. So, talk to him about it. If you like the idea in the slightest try going with it a little as a fantasy. And then play it by ear.

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