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should i give up on her or should i be fight for her?
i m in a relation with girl whose family have a conservative mind and are not supporting her . should i move on or make her family agree. although i have tried 2 times but her parents a out the world conservative. i wana marry her but they r typical way typical pakistani family.who thinks love affair is wrong
26-30, M
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Apr 17, 2015
If you think it's enough then give up. Otherwise try!!
Hasank · 26-30, M
i m confuse heart say go for her . brain say stop wasting time
Then stop. Move on bro. She would come to you if it's in your destiny
Hasank · 26-30, M
thts the hard part ...
So you'd give up on her just because of her family................ :|
Hasank · 26-30, M
she wont marry me .. if her perants are not agreeing coz she dnt wnt to hurt her perants ..
I feel your pain!
That's the hardest thing you could ever go through. Not knowing what to do, should you give up? Should you fight? Questions you can't answer.
I can't give you a final answer, because we both know that if I told you to fight, you'd blame her parents, and if I told you to give up, you'd say you love each others. After all that's a decision you have to take on your own.
Sit with your girl, while both of you are calm, discuss your future together and see where things would go. She should take a stand against her parents and fight for her love. At the same time, you should prove to her parents that you are responsible enough to take care of their daughter, cherish her, and treat her like a queen. Parents -especially old school conservative parents- might always be picky when it comes to choose the right man for their daughter, but when both of you stand your grounds, you can make a change, hopefully.
Personally, I'm against a girl running away for a guy, no matter how strong the love is, things might go wrong, and she'd lose both her parents, and her 'lover'. Instead, fight for your love together.
On the other hand, if she won't fight for her love, I think you should give up. Because nothing hurts more than not knowing if you're hooked or unhooked.
Best of luck for both of you!
Hasank · 26-30, M
My advice is, lock yourselves into a decent sized box for a whole month and see how it goes from there. :)

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