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What small things piss you off?
You know what pisses ME off? When people knock at the door. Why are they doing that? Don't they know that I'm busy and have stuff to do? (Well not really but still) it's frustrating constantly opening the door for these people! Get yourself some house keys GAH >.< ALSO people randomly calling the house phone?? Like the door, I need to get it because no one else will! It's like, what do you want? Why are you calling us?? How much do you think I actually care? Because I really don't! Also, when people call me on my phone when I'm texting someone. I mean don't get me wrong, some people I won't really mind but sometimes people call me and have useless conversations for no reason and I can't cut it short cause that's rude and I was actually doing something! Gosh gah. I say all this but like, the second I pick up the door or answer the phone, all the anger goes away. Rant end. *takes a bow*
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People in general lol
Don't answer the phone? I never do lol

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