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Children give me anxiety
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Apr 17, 2015
you mean your friends?
i thought you go along with them really well...coz you're a kid too
I stopped being a kid at 9 o.o but at the same time, I'm still a child as a result of that
now i need therapy...
lol they can be a pain specially when the parents dont guide em correctly ( im not saying to force everything on em ... but i mean in the way not to be a pain to everyone around em)
poor parents my ass.. my roomies sister has 4 kids all cept the girl is a pain in the ass cuz the mother doesnt do jack all to stop her kids from being stupid , annoying , or bad ... Everyone cept the daughter steals things... even the mother does she doesnt see whats wrong with that .. She didnt teach her kid and refuses to allow em in school sex ed stuff ... (like stranger danger) the young boy sent nude photos to a very old guy "because he asked me to" was the reply -.- she pulls em out of school constantly to do work and such ... there are people that never should have had kids she is one of em ... there are many around here that are like that but so far she is the worst...
Temper tantrums should be dealt with fast mostly if they are in public ... parents now a days say they dont believe in discipline .. well i dont believe in letting em get everything just cuz they are being little shits and you dont know how to deal with it without the "violent ways"... she ditches em to go spend nights with some guys ... when shes not there she crashes on our couch and states they can fend for themselves ... the youngest boy is now 13 with the mind of a 4-6 year old (at best )... they need a father figure , the mother needs a full time job and stop stealing her kids money... I guess its more the shitty parent that gives me hurt of the brain XD cuz it comes out to me like how can someone be so dumb and get away with it...
Aww gah. I agree with you, some people just can't be parents and it's annoying as hell cause their kids get ruined. I feel no sympathy for those parents but I feel bad about it sometimes cause I've never had my own kids so I can't really judge.
I havent had kids nor do i really want em ... society is a bit to messed up these days and if you bring a child up that is outside of their thinking then your a bad person ...even if you dont want to physically discipline them there is other things ... i use to be sent to bed without dinner , my games taken away , not being allowed to do some of my fav things for a period of time... etc..Parents these days are in the Kids will be kids but its not my problem what they do..
At least they give you something -- shows they're generous.
They give me all sorts o-o
Ohk lol
Me too. Thanks be to God I have no kids.

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