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I'm confused
people have said self harm cutting is unhealthy and healing cuts fast means your healthy, i cut myself and a heal fast.
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Healing is a positive process and it is about life. Cutting may cause infections, other health problems and it is waste of blood which someone out there will need at some point in the future. Stay healthy.
Good answer! :-)
Cutting yourself is not healthy-it's something you need to stop because you could die and that would make people sad,but if your cuts heal quickly your physical body is healthy.
you shouldn't be cutting to begin with, so that screams unhealthy there!!!
Self-harm is always harmful, and harmful things are not healthy. It's right there in the name.

There's a difference between "physically healthy" and "mentally healthy" and unless you've got both, you're not really healthy.

In the adult world, it's not a judgment or a measurement. It's a spectrum, and you might well be a physically fit drug addict, or a fat social worker.

As a cynical adult... Nobody is completely healthy. And personally, I've never understood the desire to harm myself physically, but I completely understand making decisions that harm me financially, and emotionally.

It's never healthy to harm yourself. I say this as someone who got drunk this evening, and know "drinking" to be harmful to myself. I do it, but it's not healthy.

Dig into why you want to do unhealthy things, and you'll find insight and better questions.
cutting is mentally unhealthy. healing fast is a sign on being physically unhappy
QueenElsa · 18-21
what do you mean by mentally unhealthy?
sign of some type of mental instability or disease. ie depression need for attention or any other reason someone would do it
QueenElsa · 18-21
not depression i know. that

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