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Whats the best way to child proof a flat screen tv?

My tv table is tearing down and I'm going to have to get another one and a new tv soon. Whats the best equipment to get and the best way to childproof it. Also, I have 3 kidz with autism.
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darktippedrose · 36-40, F
the place that i live in won't let us wall mount, but i was gonna look at some type of tv table, one thats wide so that it can support the screen better. And I got a tv cover, but it didn't work great. its cracked in several places. Grrrr
If you're at all D.I.Y. capable, add a backboard to your TV table to use as a pseudo-wall-mount, and side cheeks to support it. Your screen cover probably cracked because it's made out of cheap perspex. Use polycarbonate - it's shatterproof.
darktippedrose · 36-40, F
yes, next time I won't go the cheap way. hehe.

thank you
darktippedrose · 36-40, F
hehe thanx
darktippedrose · 36-40, F
oh they have their moments lol. and my kidz can reach the tv good as it is. they're 10 and 11 now. its more protecting the screen and finding a table with an attaced back thats wide enough to be stable.
Get a high and solid bit of furniture so the TV cannot rock and its to high even for them
darktippedrose · 36-40, F
ok I'm still looking but thanx

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