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I Have Issues With My Mother In Law

Personal life #82: so my mother in law is getting kicked out of her house and is looking to move. So she calls saying she wants to move to our area...which totally sends me to the deep end. I wish they sold those reverse shock collars where if she attempts to enter a 5 mile radius to my house it shocks the hell out of her.
KaysHealingPath31-35, F
What about her boy toy? Can鈥檛 she move in with him? Or does he live in your area? 馃槵
JarJarBoom41-45, F
[@7704,KaysHealingPath] i have no clue, her boy toy lives with his wife (im not joking)
KaysHealingPath31-35, F
[@21000,JarJarBoom] *jaw falls to floor* 馃槻
Omg you need to start telling her about some invented crime in the area lol 馃槀
My MIL lives ten minutes away, has a key to our house and walks in whenever she wants to 馃槖
JarJarBoom41-45, F
[@406205,Babylon] ugh, im sorry..i could never do that...i need boundaries
FunReader5551-55, M
My mother in law is the biggest cunt that ever lived so I totally feel your pain!!
KingofPizza236-40, M
Dibs on building this
JarJarBoom41-45, F
[@102667,KingofPizzaBLOCKCHAIN] i should build a moat around my they did in medieval times
KingofPizza236-40, M
[@21000,JarJarBoom] Of course it鈥檇 probably freeze this time of year so we need some ice defenses too. Any chance you have ice magic a la Elsa from frozen?

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