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I Hate Child Abuse

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It hurts and comes in different forms leaving lasting scars in some cases.
36-40, M
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Oct 19, 2016
Chrintelle · M
Yippy for me.
Chrintelle · M
Maybe not abuse, but giving hurt.

My family is a drunken ball of shit. They finish 2 bottles a night+beer. This is mostly my father. He becomes angry for no reason, at my sister. He always picks fights with her no matter what, and never sister and I have taken bags and bags of wine and beer(the most expensive ones) and poured them down the gutter in the streets. I took the blame, and didnt react. He just bought more and went easy on me, because he never difhts with me(only my sister). It didnt help. We went to a family psychologist to help, but nothing helped. One of my parents have wrestled me to the ground and slaps me in the face when crying(which I rarely do), and mistakes it for a panic attack.

We have been locked out of the house in the middle of the night in winter. We barely had anything to cover ourselves. We huddled together for warmth. We were not allowed back into the house and had to sleep outside. My mother allowed us back in at 3 am. She claimed that a door was open. I know my dad closed it.
taehyun · 18-21, F
Somebody here says that abuse is about how we perceive it... Psht.
Ih1King · 31-35, M
True. This is something I just don't understand about life. A messed up childhood is very fatal.

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I Hate Child Abuse
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It hurts and comes in different forms leaving last... | I Hate Child Abuse | Similar Worlds