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Is it easier to give a speech when you like the topic?
18-21, M
17 replies
Feb 3, 2017
Babylon · F
Yes, always easier to speak on something you're passionate about.
peachykeen · F
In my limited experience, it is easier to give a speech if you make it amusing and relatable - despite the topic ☺
itjustbegan · 18-21, M
I went there without any preparation and gave a speech. I was just thinking what could I have done to improve.
peachykeen · F
@itjustbegan: LOL I think there are people that are natural speakers. I am always more comfortable speaking "off the cuff". I get nervous when I prepare too much
itjustbegan · 18-21, M
Same with me too. And I wasn't nervous at all but I didn't have any idea what to say. People said I gave a good speech but I knew I was totally clueless while I was speaking and you know how that sounds.
katielass · F
LazyYolkling · 22-25, F
Yes. My favorite topic was on personal experience in speech class and I knew exactly what to talk about.
itjustbegan · 18-21, M
How did it go ?
LazyYolkling · 22-25, F
@itjustbegan: it didn't go so well. I kept studdering, and forgot a lot of the info.
itjustbegan · 18-21, M
theMeggyD · 18-21, F
Yes because you speak with more passion and commitment
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