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When growing cannabis, does the dark in the light-dark cycle need to be absoultely pitch dark, or would dark ish be ok too?
I read somewhere that any light at all during its rest time will fck with the plant in undesirable ways, but I'm kinda skeptical about that.

What you got to tell me about this?

If I have them under lights 18 hours , and 6 hours in a dark-ish room, is that ok too?
31-35, M
7 replies
May 23, 2020
Edited: 1 week ago
MushroomFaerie · 31-35, F
Dark, yip, ideal, you can achieve it easily with tents or cubbards
Rooster · M
I leave mine as dark as possible. One small little night light in the corner to see by and that's it.
MougyWolf · 31-35, M
[@527571,Rooster] ok, so curtains up, heavy blanket over that... should be ok if I want them to sleep during the day?
Rooster · M
[@1501,MougyWolf] That should work. Think I would use something different than a heavy blanket though. A sheet should do.
rottenrobi · 51-55, F
Black out dark.
Dolimyte · 36-40, M
Not a big deal in vegetative growth stage. Flowering is a different story. I had three plants in my tent, there was a small light leak that I didn't notice right away. The one closest to the leak didn't flower but the other two did. Absolute pitch black is not required, but there is a point that's too much. Led indicators on powerbars or fans generally aren't a problem. If light is an issue, grow auto flower.
Carla · 61-69, F
I was told that the dark cycle should be as dark as the outside would be at night.

When growing in a greenhouse/outside that is as dark as it ever gets.

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