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would you ever steal a random woman's panties?
more than once
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stories in comments would be appreciated
31-35, M
8 replies
Feb 19, 2018
hippyjoe1955 · 61-69, M Best Answer
Not since I graduated college. We used to have panty raids at college where the guys would break into the girls dorm and steal a pair of panties from the girls. The girls tried a revenge raid but were met a the door by a bunch of naked guys. The girls left without getting any male underwear.
rhouse · 51-55, M
I have taken panties from the laundry room before and wanked into them and then took them back, washed them, and laid them out on the counter like they had just been left behind.
LikeMind · M
You should have kept them for yourself.[@632360,rhouse]
LikeMind · M
I started collecting knickers or panties if you prefer to call them that, as a teenager. I would take them from the sisters of my male friends, or my girlfriends and their sisters. I once "harvested " a couple of pairs from, the cute mother of a mate's girlfriend, if that makes sense. The airing cupboard in British houses is a rich source for plundering, often a pair or two will fall down the back of the hot water tank, thought to be lost before they are taken. In this case none of us were supposed to be in her house, but "He and She" wanted to get into some heavy petting as it used to be called, so any suspicion would have fell on him. I even got a pretty pair of (my now sister in law) *****'s freshly discarded knickers. As I was 15, she'd have been 12/13.It was a pair that she had just taken off, to go to bed. She'd put them in the laundry basket which had been left on the bedroom landing, I was nipping to the bathroom before going for the bus home and the opportunity was there. I jammed them down my pants while they were still warm! Fuck me, I got so hard on the bus home with them wrapped snugly around my cock and balls, when I got home and got them out in my bedroom they were still moist from her young pussy . I had a pair of yellow bikini pants that I put on, (there's another story for later) and I lay on my bed with my prize over my face sniffing and licking them as I wanked furiously to a heavenly conclusion. So strong a session that when I cum some of my load covered my shoulder!
When I found that I could get that intensity I had to recreate the same sort stimulus again and again, which I still do to this day. My "donors" were and are my sister in laws' (multiple) and my nieces, my wife's friends, my work colleagues, including a sexy female boss.
LikeMind · M
Much more than once 👍🏻
Bullett911 · 51-55, M
Absolutely I have over 70 in my collection for strangers, women I know, co-workers wives and daughters and co-workers
LikeMind · M
[@554883,Bullett911] That seems very familiar to me. 😉
LikeMind · M
[@554883,Bullett911] lucky guy
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