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Did you ever wonder why people are so rude and don't consider others?
An example was today I was at a restaurant. There was only me and one other couple in there. The couple was setting with their meal while I ordered my meal. Once I got my meal I want to condiment section was was getting napkins and sauce. The woman got up and squeezed right in between me and the condiment table getting stuff too. She had plenty of time to get that stuff before I was there. And I was there before her. I just moved back and let her do her thing. There as no anger or malice in her actions. She just pushed ahead to totally oblivious at how rude she was being.
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Sep 6, 2017
SweetMae · F
Manners don't seem to be that important anymore.
[@10109,SweetMae] It is sad. This was a young woman too. Late teens or early 20's.
SweetMae · F
[@454017,TearDropsOfLove] Maybe no one taught her.
djones · 31-35, M
lack of morality and manners.. people have become so self centered.. nothing matters but them.
[@578538,djones] Yes and in the city. City driving is very difficult. People have road rage over nothing. It see it every day.
djones · 31-35, M
i do too. thats why i hate driving in the city i hate all that traffic and have to watch out for all the other people because there quite a few that drive crazy.
[@578538,djones] Yes, it is totally insane in some placed. They will run over a person just to get one car ahead. It is insane how they drive.
Giana · 70-79, F
I blame their upbringing, or lack of it. We tend to emulate our parents and if they are/were rude, our behavior will reflect that.
[@533040,Giana] Yep. Like what I did. I stepped back and let her go ahead. It was not worth the fight for me.
Giana · 70-79, F
[@454017,TearDropsOfLove] I would have done the same...the damage has already been done, unfortunately.
[@533040,Giana] No one was hurt and we both got what we needed. It just was so rude for her to do that. I see that behavior all the time in the City.
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