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I Have Been Fat My Entire Life

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Except for a couple years around when I started high school I have almost always been overweight. I used to be self conscious about it but I try to just accept it as part of who I am now. I'm currently my heaviest ever, at around 335 pounds and am finding it really hard to find new clothes when out shopping. I've got two good pairs of pants and two skirts left. (a bunch of t shirts though) I've told myself not to worry about it too much unless it starts to effect my health which it hasn't really yet I don't think, but in the meantime I don't know what I'm going to do if I get too big for the clothes I have left. Does anyone know where to the best place to look for clothes for those with a 50+ inch waist is?
22-25, F
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Aug 16, 2019
SW User
I used to be fat. I mean I'm still overweight but it's not as bad. You should focus on losing weight. You'll feel a lot better. Cut carbs and sugar and walk for two hours a day and I promise you'll shed weight like crazy.
jake60 · 61-69, M
you would be wise to lose some weight or your gonna have have health problems later in life
HazelMotes · M
There’s always Lane Bryant, but they’re overpriced and won’t have much that’s appropriate for someone your age. The lack of decent, low priced, fashionable clothing for younger fat women is a real problem.
ChubbyCheesecake · 22-25, F
[@1026,GeorgeWashingtonJr] I don't really care if its age appropriate I don't think. I've never been fashionable. I'll look into Lane Bryant.

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I Have Been Fat My Entire Life
Were you wearing adult-sized clothes when you were 8? Do your 4-year-old birthday pictures show a doughkid blowing out candles? Welcome!
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