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Too extreme?

I happen to love gore and always had a dropbox of images of murdered people, arms that weren't attached and well(pretty much just violent questionable imagery) but I used to send those back whenever I got unsolicited dick pics.馃槩(no I did not kill people)
I kind of feel guilty since they are probably scarred for life, even some of those images stick in my head until this day.

Oh and there was someone from ireland who broke into my dropbox of horrors and probs turned back around pretty fast after that.
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I dunno they probably shouldn't have been doing what they did I guess?

I kinda feel like at this point you should know not to do that shit and they're just trying to upset people.
BlueVeins18-21, M
Appropriate response, hope they learned their lesson.
[@4199,BlueVeins] Some of those images tho, like damn. Probably gonna be with them for life.
I think it's funny lol
[@332555,Novascel] Absolutely and you're doing a job, there's a lot to it.
[@868864,HannahSky] Was afraid people would beat me for this post. But honestly I think gore in general shouldn't be something people shy away from. I've had to stick my hands in maggot filled wounds when my horse had a hidden wound behind her hooves that got infested. Had to dig and squeeze it out.

I probably wouldn't have been able to do that had I shied away from imagery like that. Because it was still gross, but not so gross I couldn't do it lol.
Tolerance for it can come in handy sometimes, but I would understand people's apprehension because gore oftentimes reminds us of mortality. Something that I think people shy away from too much as well.
[@332555,Novascel] We aren't used to it. Everything is done behind the factory doors and packaged so nice, we don't think about the gore.
tallpowerhouseblonde31-35, F
It sure provides a shock response.
[@1613,tallpowerhouseblonde] Probs, tho I always sent sorta mild ones. Like the ones where its just an arm without a body aren't too bad. Those ones are from medical sites where they show reattachment and whatnot.
babydragon22-25, M
[c=800000]well... serve him right that's for sure, although I have actually met someone online who fetishised blood and gore although on the furry side lol, so he might of liked those pics[/c]
[@881582,babydragon] Thats where I had to get a lot of my pics too...yeah the FBI is probs watching me. I dont get the whole arousal from it, but I understand interest.
Unfortunately a lot of those sites had the images but were full of a bunch of people into that stuff in the stroke the dick type of way馃憖
In a lot of cases probably highly effective. 馃
I know that I would stop crossing you though. 馃槵
I havent had any issues weirdly enough with dick pics after this
[@332555,Novascel] They magically stopped coming? 馃槷
silver198536-40, M
Nah, I don't see it as extreme. Amusing af though? Yeah definitely.
Especially since it probably immediately killed any enthusiasm they had. Same with the person who broke into your account. 馃槅
[@440579,silver1985] I feel like the person who broke into my account must have thought I was crazy lmfao
silver198536-40, M
[@332555,Novascel] Yeah that or immediately thought "Alright... wait... Wtf did I do?! Omg wrong account!"
wildbill8336-40, M
had a teacher in college whose idea of "safety videos" was a compilation of people being maimed and killed in job accidents...

after a few videos of people getting their fingers and arms chopped off in saws, getting crushed by steel rolling machines, and having their heads squished like an over ripe tomato by 100 ton presses

many dropped the class... 馃槄

we started with like 25-30 people... 7 of us made it to the end...
[@597698,wildbill83] were u one of them
wildbill8336-40, M
[@332555,Novascel] yep, I thought many of them were funny actually...
PepsiColaP22-25, F
I think it's not strange for most to be desensitized to it at this era of information being so easily accessible but it's certainly questionable as to what our psyche is to detach any decency from the dead person and use them in the manner of entertainment and what not. Take that as you may
[@1090951,PepsiColaP] Its not entertainment. I find the human body interesting is all. I find it cool and awesome about what the body is capable of. Many of my family members work either in the medical industry or even in the funeral industry and don't shy away.
There is a certain level of respect I maintain for those that lose their lives, otherwise it wouldn't affect me emotionally. But I also can have that while still finding it interesting because oftentimes everything is done neatly behind closed doors.
Surgeries, murder, embalming before funerals, the death of animals in factories before they are stuck on our tables. I dont shy away from it.
wildbill8336-40, M
Explicit video, viewer discretion advised... 馃槈


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