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What superpower would you have and why?
If you could have any superpower, which one would you have and why. I would have invisibility as I feel that this would enable me to sneak into places and gain insight into things that could prove advantageous in sorting out world problems and issues

Over to you
51-55, M
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Sep 11, 2017
Snuffles · F
Remote viewing. Less travel. :)
UKNaturist · 51-55, M
[@586746,Whiskers] MS Lync allows users to share their desktops over a network meaning collaborative work without the travel. With invisibility, you'd need to travel but wouldn't have to pay !!
Snuffles · F
[@439009,UKOutdoorFan] remote viewing means I can hear and see everything going on anywhere I choose. No technology necessary.
UKNaturist · 51-55, M
[@586746,Whiskers] I see what you mean - MS Lync involves software and telephony options
BlondeLily · 26-30, F
Reading people's minds, getting into their heads and changing their views on things. That would be a good way to control the world.
UKNaturist · 51-55, M
[@553891,BlondeLily] Fantastic - another world problem solver !! With those superpowers, world peace becomes a reality
MrThankful64 · 51-55, M
Time travel but only back, not forward. For similar reasons to you. Stop the fucktards of this world before they cause grief and havoc.
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