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I Like To Write Poetry

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Some of you will know be a staunch and sometimes vociferous challenger of any actual or wannabe abuser. And abusers take many many forms unfortunately. Nay matter, I have (god willing) the strength and intellect to take them all on, even if they mass and attack all at the same time. My god is on my side. They only have their misguided and putrid devil.

This poem tries to capture the value of the #metoo campaign, which in my eyes was a sea change in the destructive world we lived in. Where victims (now more positively called ‘survivors’ of course) were not only not believed, they were almost guilty by association. If I recall correctly, the #metoo campaign grew paradoxically from the aftermath of the vile Savile who was thankfully exposed, unfortunately after his death, the survivors never got their justice. But, I know (unfortunately by experience) that survivors do not always seek justice, they seek belief, public awareness of their perpetrator(s) and risk they present, and, most importantly, that no other person should suffer as they did. The poem walks through some of the horrors of abuse. Slightly hard hitting, so please, be aware; the poem attempts (on purpose) to capture the life-changing severity of abuse head on. It is my way. I do not apologise. But I do want your support. For if everyone on the planet despised abuse and called it out, it would I believe, crawl back under its infested rock, fearful to emerge.

Speech over. Please support survivors and call out any abuser. One person can make a difference. You don’t eat an elephant at one sitting. Not that I’m advocating eating elephants. Perhaps I should stop digging!

#metoo and the Innocence of Youth
by Valentine (03-Mar-20)

The innocence of youth
The changing of truth
The once smile
Now catches the tear

The belt on the wall
The lift and the maul
The grape and the grope
The gin and toxic

The crime of the radiator
The misplaced door
The wide-rimmed sunglasses
The long-sleeved blouse

The louse continues
Repentant with hollow words
All lies but too often accepted
With all the charm of warm urine
From a dog's lifted leg

Quite the norm,
Once expected, once accepted
Except we too and you too
Made a difference
And yes, #metoo.
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May 23, 2020
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