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I Wtk Why Parents Fear Raising Kids Nudists

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It's ironic because the advertising industry have sexualized kids with dolls and clothing but our society is overly sensitive to any images of kids which are remotely revealing.
56-60, M
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Nov 19, 2016
SW User
We're not all nudists
[c=#BF0080]In nudists' eyes everyone should be.. if not they are 'prudes'. 馃檮[/c]
wudifu41-45, M
Cause it might cause incest
[c=#BF0080]Don't want to see naked kids running around.. no thanks.[/c]
Probably an aversion to jail.
EthanAllen56-60, M
Have you seen some of the clothing and dolls being sold to pre-teens?
[c=#BF0080]Way different than naked kids running around.[/c]
EthanAllen56-60, M
True. But do you think it's immoral to have nudity in the privacy of a household. I haven't done it, but there are some naturist parks where it's very common. Is that evil?
@EthanAllen: [c=#BF0080]Yes, everyone should be wearing clothes in a household esp with children present. That's just gross. I would have died if my parents walked around like that.[/c]
Picklebobble51-55, M
Because we've gone from letting kids be kids to being overly paranoid about EVERYTHING !
That's why generations grow up with either an obsession over freedom of expression. Or more likely, the opposit !
Everybody from the church to politicians desperate for a vote telling you what you should be afraid of.

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I Wtk Why Parents Fear Raising Kids Nudists
about the core moral values of the nudist comunity,the way I see it.
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