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I Love Accents

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Accents in general are very cool! I love many accents. I think the ones that make me stop what I am doing are Australian, German, Danish, and Scottish accents. I have to stand their for a moment and listen carefully. Those accents sound interesting to me.

I remember one day I went into a clothing store and while my mother was trying on various outfits I stood outside with the clothes at hand. Everything was quiet in my small, silent, Canadian town when this Australian man (who looked as if he just got off the plane) asked out loud if anyone new where the lady clothing was. Literally the staff went silent and the ladies wouldn't stop giggling and staring at him. I heard my mother on the other side of the change room do saying, "Is that an Australian accent I hear?" and when I confirmed her thoughts and I swear she almost lost it. (Yes, she loves Australian accents. Like, a lot!)
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Jan 16, 2017
Shutterbug51-55, M
Yeah I experienced that. Some lady in San Francisco, said I sounded like Hugh Jackman! Which I don't! 馃槀
Freya22-25, F
Pfft, that is funny! 馃槅 I sound like a quiet Canadian. So I guess that mst be decent 馃槀

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I Love Accents
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Accents in general are very cool! I love many acce... | I Love Accents | Similar Worlds