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I Love Accents

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I have an extremely interesting accent I think, as it's the first thing that people ask about me when I talk to them. My accent is really hard to place so when I ask where you think my accent comes from I get really mixed results. the main reason for my accent is because I grew up going to an international school so people from all over the world go to it, and I sort of picked up my accent from talking to people from all over the world.
22-25, M
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Jan 31, 2019
babydragon22-25, M
[@10925,waleskinder] umm... okay? 馃
Dusty10146-50, F
I'm Irish and a lot of people here think I'm English except the English! 馃ぃ
babydragon22-25, M
[@572340,Dusty101] I have had english people say to me that I sound american, and having american people say I sound english lol
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I Love Accents
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I have an extremely interesting accent I think, as... | I Love Accents | Similar Worlds