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Move it or lose it
31-35, M
+ 3 21 replies 16 views 12 hrs ago |
i will share my another funny experience which was kind of embarassing for my friend
Back in 2012, when i was in 7th grade, there was a boy in my class named Rohith Reddy who was my friend. But i have noticed him talking with the girl in our class named Sirisha many times. They both were actually cousins but i didnt know it that time...
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18-21, M
+ 1 0 replies 10 views 13 hrs ago |
Where’s my bestie? I texted her several days ago and she hasn’t even checked it.
I need her help dealing with a conflict ... I feel bad disturbing her though
46-50, F
+ 0 1 reply 6 views 13 hrs ago |
i will tell about my crazy experience with a junior
in late 2016 or Jan 2017, when i was in 11th grade, i was very popular amongst my juniors as i was childish and funny. there was an 8th grade boy who already looked like a 10th to 12th grader as he was already like 2 inches taller than me(i was 5...
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18-21, M
+ 1 2 replies 16 views 16 hrs ago |
Where you the last to be chosen which team in gym class?
I was, (gorgeous as I am now rolls eyes) In gym class I was a fat ass with cheeks like the Campbells soup kids. I wrote my own sick notes to avoid gym altogether! lol
61-69, M
+ 2 33 replies 22 views 17 hrs ago |
By seeing this pic tell honestly whats the best thing in the pic?
18-21, M
+ 7 16 replies 39 views 17 hrs ago |
What's that white stuff on your teeth?🙃🙂
31-35, F
+ 0 2 replies 15 views 17 hrs ago |
Remember when you thought that weirdos were rare only to find out the entire human race is weird?🤔
26-30, F
+ 4 2 replies 12 views 17 hrs ago |
this is the Mathabhanga bridge by which we went to Falakata back in 2017 but it was dark as we went there at 8 pm
18-21, M
+ 4 13 replies 16 views 18 hrs ago |
My dreams are amplifying reality
In reality I'm being stalked, watched and followed. In my dreams I hear his commentary on what I'm doing from moment to moment. I'm not an obsessive, paranoid person. It just goes to show what psychological effect these things can...
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36-40, F
+ 3 14 replies 15 views 18 hrs ago |
What did you like about ps1?
26-30, M
+ 2 4 replies 11 views 18 hrs ago |
Do you know someone who has a set of encyclopedias?
31-35, F
+ 5 9 replies 22 views 18 hrs ago |
i will tell about the craziest trend in our school in 2016-2017 which i miss a lot now
in 2016, when i was in 11th grade, i used to often see that some boys in my class named Suheeth, Parijath etc used to eat bubblegum lollipops daily. i have also noticed many 8th to 12th grade boys eating lollipops. so even i started eating bubblegum ...
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18-21, M
+ 1 0 replies 6 views 18 hrs ago |
My friend thinks that the ps2 is better in every way compared to the psone?
is that true
26-30, M
+ 0 10 replies 10 views 18 hrs ago |
What do you think of my new cosplay costume?🤗
31-35, F
+ 7 7 replies 50 views 19 hrs ago |
this is the same road in Mathabhanga by which we went to Falakata back in 2017
only difference is that we went by this road after 8 pm so it was dark outside but the same road
18-21, M
+ 1 0 replies 5 views 19 hrs ago |
i am back again as i am free today and this weekend
yes i took around 3 days break to concentrate in my life. now i am back for today and this weekend and i will share few more things and then again take a longer break from Monday onwards.
18-21, M
+ 2 1 reply 1 views 19 hrs ago |
Which one looks better to you
22-25, F
+ 2 19 replies 69 views 19 hrs ago |
Do you think it's cute when weirdos fall in love with each other?🤩
31-35, F
+ 0 3 replies 14 views 20 hrs ago |
Omg I need an elbow in my ass cheek like this 🤤😴 goodnight
+ 0 1 reply 20 views 20 hrs ago |
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