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Why do self labeled conservatives on this site resort to juvenile name calling almost immediately on any topic?
I've noticed that any issue that has any perceived Liberal vs Conservative aspect to it involves Conservatives almost immediately resorting to calling people "Libtards", "Stupid", etc. With very little actual logic or critical thought put into their argument or rant.
51-55, M
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Jun 26, 2017
Pherick · 36-40, M
How could you forget my favorite, "snowflake"! Or are we "triggered"??? Cracks me up ...
DailyFlash · 51-55, M
Brainwashed by the lamestream media!
uncalled4 · 51-55, M
What better way to establish a strong argument. I usually opt out for that reason.
Bean17 · 41-45, F
You noticed that too??😄
sighmeupforthat · 41-45, M
ignore them, they're wastes of sperm who steal the working class's money.
djjohnson · 36-40, M
this is interesting because I've seen several post asking the exact same question but with the situation reversed. (as well as the name calling as well.) The truth is you will find people who can't communicate on either side of an issue.
Pherick · 36-40, M
@djjohnson: Indeed, as someone who is mostly liberal, whenever I see someone on my "side" doing this, I want to virtually smack them on the head. "Be better than them" is what I want to tell them!
djjohnson · 36-40, M
I tend to lean more conservative...and I feel the same way. Just want to tell them to "stop...please stop" you are just making things worse. I enjoy an intelligent conversation. That doesn't mean that we all have to agree for it to be intelligent.
Pherick · 36-40, M
@djjohnson: Agreed!
Picklebobble2 · 51-55, M
I just think some find it easier to insult than be creative in problem solving.
Kinda shows their level of intellect on the subject.
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