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If it was possible, would you crawl out of your own skin?
46-50, F
15 replies
Mar 19, 2017
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FuckFace · 31-35, M
Noble · 51-55, M
That would be crazy if humans moulted like snakes.
BellaLocura · 46-50, F
Wouldn't it though?
Heartlander · 70-79, M
You mean like a snake?
BellaLocura · 46-50, F
I'm speaking more metaphorically...along the lines of escaping ourselves.
Heartlander · 70-79, M
@BellaLocura: Interesting .... I just looked up why reptiles shed their skin/shells. One reason is that their skin/shell doesn't grow with them but stretches and becomes too thin and no longer works for them as a shell/skin should. So they grow a new and better one and shed their old one ... along with parasites that may have found a home in their old skin.
Cindy · F
No way I burn easy as it is how do you think I would feel with sunburn without skin holy crap
Years ago
YMITheWayIM · 41-45, M
Nah, I like the packaging. There's a method to it.
Gemineye · 56-60, M
Nah, Im pretty comfy in my own skin.
MikefromEP · 51-55, M
A few have learned how to do this
BellaLocura · 46-50, F
I wonder if they are able to crawl back in if they so desire, or if once you're out, you're out for good.
MikefromEP · 51-55, M
@BellaLocura: No chance to crawl back
BellaLocura · 46-50, F
@MikefromEP: that's what I was afraid of

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If it was possible, would you crawl out of your ow... | Miscellaneous | Similar Worlds