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What is the stinkiest, nastiest, most grotesque smell you can think of
you know, the kind of smell that gives you the shivers just thinking about it or maybe even makes you throw up in your mouth a little.馃あ
18-21, F
25 replies
Mar 15, 2017
kevinwillshow13-15, M Best Answer
your feet!
PrincessCami18-21, F
@kevinwillshow: shut up kevvy
Reject22-25, M
Dead fish.
MikefromEP46-50, M
Since I can only think about it anymore... an outhouse in a campground in a heat wave
PrincessCami18-21, F
why is it worse when it's hot outside?
MikefromEP46-50, M
@PrincessCami: Frozen in winter seems to conceal some smells... if memory serves me right
SW User
Unwashed ass
PrincessCami18-21, F
hahahahaa 馃槀
cuda6846-50, M
Unwashed 馃悎, rotting flesh a close second.
PrincessCami18-21, F
The row toilets in a all girl dormitory right after last class for the week. A quick spray or bm-a quick wipe and they are out the door on their way home. Screw flushing.
PrincessCami18-21, F
omg that is just sooo wrong, I always flush. NASTY
@PrincessCami: I agree. And me too. But so many do not care. I think some just want to be be nasty.
SabrinaKinkle18-21, F
Extremly bad hygene anywhere nausiates me. Direct skunk spray on my friends dog one time was way too strong too. Some people seem to like that, but I cannot ever. There is natural and then there is bad. Bad is always bad.
A grease trap at a restaurant is pretty vile. It's like decayed meat floating in liquefied garbage.
Hey, thanks PrincessCami!
TyphoidJerry36-40, M
One time driving on a highway a truck was overturned which was full of rotting pig carcasses. The highway was strewn with it. I've never smelled anything that vile before in my life. Holy shit. I'm upset remembering it and it was like 16 years ago.
I cleaned out an abandonded Squid Trawler,,
the least wiff,, explosive vomiting,
had to wear a hazmat suit WITH a breathing tank.

had to burn it all after,, shoes too
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