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Wish I Could Win £600 Million On The Lottery I Be Set For life
I know its a dream but having £600 Million in the bank. You would be set for life and have no money worries. What I would not give to just book a holiday to Los Angeles for a month without having to worry about saving up😆. I guess its everybody's dream.
22-25, M
11 replies
Dec 13, 2016
BlueRaine · 46-50, F
TheBluePrince · 22-25, M
Pounds mate as am from the UK
Picklebobble2 · 51-55, M
Hell. I'd settle for 5 million !
TheBluePrince · 22-25, M
True lol but imagine the lifestyle with 600 MIL in your pocket
adshaw · 31-35, M
I'd prefer 5. Don't like the number 6.

@DemonKing: LA is doable. Set your sights on it.
Picklebobble2 · 51-55, M
@DemonKing: have you ever sat down and figured out what you'd do with a seriously large windfall ?
It's a lot harder than you think !!
You have all these dumb ideas about the mansions you'll own and the cars and planes you'll fly.
Then you look at the cost of's never ending !!!
BlueRaine · 46-50, F
They have the lottery there? Isn't mate an Australian thing?
TheBluePrince · 22-25, M
no the UK has the lottery and so does the USA I believe
BlueRaine · 46-50, F
The lottery is a big deal here.
TheBluePrince · 22-25, M
@BlueRain: is it big money there
Obito · 26-30, M
I'd prefer 10 million dollars. That would roughly equal out to 185,000 a year. Less whenever i gave friends and family some money. Really, all you need is 70k a year. Studies have shown that money in excess of 70k a year (dollars) doesn't increase happiness. 70k a year is plenty
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