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what does barbie see in ken that she likes so much

He doesn't have any genitals to satisfy her in her expensive Matel Mansion

He is a complete freeloader ... Barbie earns all the money, buys the mansions and the cars and he just uses her stuff and spends her money
What does anybody see in a man like that

Why doesn't she ditch him get herself a real man like GI Joe.
He is a soldier so earns his own money, he is tough so will protect the woman he loves, he can teach her to shoot

Its women like Barbie who create the image of the dum blond because she is just a dum blond if she stays with Ken.
MikefromEP · 51-55, M
Vanity loves vanity I guess
hunkalove · 61-69, M
Have you seen the Barbie strap-on attachment?
BlueDiver · 36-40, M
They're both gay - they just say that they're a couple because they live in a conservative christian area.
marsbar · F
Lol. Well my first BF was a Ken, & he had genitals. 😌
sighmeupforthat · 41-45, M
he's just arm candy.

until he gets a certain age then the fears begin, alcoholism... anger, letting his life go for fun and all that investment his parents put into him all gone.. all gone...
going bald..

she's moved on and never had kids and now is going transgender...

wtf is next man!

what the fuck's next!

plus now you want to adopt but former models turn actresses....
who think a small pizza is a meal that can feed an entire community for a week.
and those infomercials are going to help with your pension, hasbeenery is hard work.
LadyWioness · 51-55, F
They actually have a commercial where Barbie does ditch Ken for GI Joe! 😆
Good for her
LadyWioness · 51-55, F
@HEREISME: okay then. You realize she isn't real, right?😆
3venus · F
Who said Barbie and Ken were actually together. I'm pretty sure Ken is gay. And Barbie is independent and doesn't need a Ken. Who knows Brarbie might be banging GI Joe on the side. 😂
3venus · F
@MikefromEP: Yeah, they did. That's pretty sad when a cartoon is farther ahead than you are.
@3venus: Your very lucky you got the Hispanic Barbie when you did because soon there will be a wall and so Mexicans will not be able to get into the country even Hispanic Barbie
3venus · F
@HEREISME: Well, she's made in China anyway.
With GI Joe Barbie can even get a social life outside the modelling world she can make friends with all Joes soldier friends and join the NRA
Demand tell President Trump that she has a right to own a heavy machine gun and trade in the sport car for a tank
SW User
That's the easiest question I have ever answered on SW. What does she see in him? HE NEVER ARGUES BACK...
You know I think you might have cracked it

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